Thunder on the Gulf was nice.  Liquorish carried Mike and Jerri Potts, Jimbo and Janie Jolly, and Christine & Me out to the Perdido Pass where we anchored off the East side of the Channel.  We had plenty of food, snacks, spirits, and good companionship.

Babe1-Web.JPG (121124 bytes)Of course, there was plenty of people watching BeachShotDarkened-Web.jpg (238027 bytes)There were plenty of people on the beach to view the races. BeachShotDarkened2-Web.jpg (271988 bytes)Another view of people on the beaches.
ChopperzWeb.jpg (189751 bytes)There were at least 7 helicopters following the action. DeBoatz2Web.jpg (172777 bytes)Besides the races, there were plenty of boats and people on the beach to view. DeBoatzWeb.jpg (156685 bytes)Looking in the opposite direction of the picture to the left of this one... out to sea.
Hooters1-Web.jpg (219520 bytes)The Hooters boat was in the lead at first. JerriWeb.jpg (118896 bytes)Jerri Potts up on the fly-bridge JimboWeb.jpg (72543 bytes)Jimbo Jolly on the fly-bridge.
LearningTheRopesWeb.jpg (124440 bytes)Learning The Ropes zooms along MikeWeb.jpg (127333 bytes)Mike Potts holds onto a line to keep the outgoing tide from sweeping him out to sea. NeckN-NeckWeb.jpg (182844 bytes)Hooters has the lead... for now
PopeyesWeb.jpg (170677 bytes)Popeyes looked good but wasn't that fast that day. ReliableDarkened-web.jpg (200416 bytes)Reliable was closely followed by a chopper. SwimmingWeb.JPG (230712 bytes)Lots of people cooled off with a swim.