before procession.JPG (2721621 bytes)Before the new graduates entered Bartow Arena school of engineering.jpg (2816506 bytes)The Engineering Banner finally surfaced, leading the Engineer grads filing in 1.jpg (2771262 bytes)Nick finally came into view.
filing in3.jpg (2778313 bytes)Nick's came a little closer filing in 5 -good.jpg (2755505 bytes)Nick was just about even with us. walking across stage1.jpg (2887445 bytes)After a long wait, they finally let him walk the stage.
walking across stage 2.jpg (2823015 bytes)Walking a little farther across the stage coming back to seat.jpg (2858581 bytes)Coming back to his seat coming back to seat (2).jpg (2690791 bytes)Still walking toward his seat
baloon drop.jpg (2784798 bytes)At the end, there was a balloon drop baloon drop2.jpg (2801967 bytes)More balloons congratulation kiss.jpg (2384958 bytes)Jackie congratulating Nick after the ceremony
Nick & Jackie.jpg (2308541 bytes)Rotate.  just Nick.jpg (2561292 bytes)Rotate, just Nick