Memorial Day Weekend 2007

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Memorial Day weekend 2007 was a sight to behold.  There was a ton of delicious food, good music, plenty of adult beverages and nobody was a stranger.  We got there with Liquorish on Thursday night to make sure we would have a place to anchor and Steve and Patsy Geci were already anchored at the Admiral Island site with Seeker.  It wasn't long before several other boats were anchored there as well.  We discovered that Ron Harper and his lovely wife Loni were setting up camp right next to us.  I haven't seen Ron since the early 1980's!  We spent a good part of the weekend catching up on things.

On Friday, Jimbo and Janie Jolly arrived on Trigger and they spent a couple of nights with us on Liquorish.  Late that night, the Clarks (the Jolly's daughter Tiffany and her husband Cam) arrived on Reel Lucky.  Of course, Cam brought the tailgator, a 2-cycle blender which, when fired up - makes everybody look to see who in hell brought a weed-whacker or a chain saw to the beach!  We (the Jollys and the Ericsons) had Eric's shrimp and crab bisque, and Jimbo's fried fish... an assortment of grouper, flounder and snapper... yummy!

Saturday is the biggest day of the weekend and it there wasn't much more room to pull in another boat to the beach.  Everybody knew everybody else, and if they didn't really know 'em, they would soon.  The Tailgater was fired up dozens of times and Margaritas were had by all.  Patsy Geci challenged the Ericsons to a blend-off on frozen Pina Coladas.  Both batches were good, but I was partial to the batch we made.  In addition to the usual ingredients, we had fresh pineapple, fresh coconut, and dab of vanilla ice cream.  Thick, cold and a little chewy!

Most boats had buoys off their anchor lines to tell boaters not to run over their anchors.  I had the largest one out there and some bozo put his anchor down where it snagged my anchor chain and pulled out my anchor.  Considering that my boat is 46' long, sticks down 4' into the water and that the current rips through the anchorage, I REALLY do not want my anchor to pull loose.  It could do a lot of damage to other boats.  Well, there were so many boats rafted up and tied to one another, my boat really didn't move much... I was pleasantly surprised.  (I had to reel in about 20 feet of anchor line before my anchor grabbed.)

NotTooCrowded.jpg (89858 bytes)The picture at the top of this page makes it look like people were stumbling over each other, but it wasn't too crowded.  Note that my two anchor lines created a path without tents or canopies... float.jpg (92518 bytes)It took them forever to blow up this huge floaty thing, but it seemed like it was worth it.  webEpe-cde.jpg (74810 bytes)Christine and some pirate dude (Eric).  This was taken on day 2 of our 3-day stay.
webItsInThere.jpg (85923 bytes)On Saturday night, Jimbo boiled up a big pot of shrimp, sausage, corn, and taters.  Spicy! webCrabCookin.JPG (73878 bytes)At the same time on Saturday night, Eric cooked up three batches of snow crab.  Crabmeat dipped in melted butter, oooohh yeah! Web-RonEnjoyingHimself.jpg (68941 bytes)Ron Harper with his adult beverage.  He stayed in that inner tube for hours... and he didn't have to go to the bathroom once!
webLoni.jpg (66767 bytes)Ron's wife Loni served up some good Bloody Marys and was always busy doing something. webSava.jpg (70112 bytes)An old friend from DEP days, Sava Varazo put in a short appearance before visiting other venues. webJanieWithTequilaRose.JPG (95891 bytes)Janie had something called Tequila Rose that she and Christine were taking shots of, and I think it made them very happy!
webCuteDog.jpg (72974 bytes)This cute little doggie had a cute female owner! webMissy.jpg (84972 bytes)Missy enjoyed Janie's lap.  I hope her butt was clean...Missy's, that is.... webRick.jpg (77748 bytes)Rick Zelius took advantage of the shade.  He and his wife Terri didn't plan to spend the night but did anyway.

Rick Zelius just kept diving off my boat for hours on end.  It was incredible!


Nah, he dove only once...


More stuff to be posted later!!!