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This is what the Anchorage looked like about 3 PM on Saturday before Memorial Day.  The leftmost photo is facing East and the other photos progress South, then West.

Memorial Day Weekend 2006
(Click on any picture to get a 6 megapixel picture)

We have been camping at the Fort McRae area for more than 25 years on Memorial Day weekend.  It gets more crowded every year, but generally people are courteous and it winds up as one big party.  This year, some idiot across the way backed his 28' Scarab off the beach at full throttle and decided he would cut a full throttle circle in the Fort McRae lagoon... a no-wake zone!  He didn't make it and tangled up in somebody's anchor line.  You shoulda heard the commotion he stirred up.  Marine cops took the guy off to the clink.  Some people should not be allowed to own boats.

Another large sailboat aptly named TURBULENCE gave more than one boat owner cause for concern.  The skipper's anchoring skills were in need of practice, but he finally got the hook down without bashing into another boat... barely.  Fort McRae cove is deceptive.  With it's no wake zone and usually a short fetch, it looks calm.  When the wind blows one way and the current is running six knots sideways in another direction, you had better know what you are doing when you set the anchor.

Jimbo, as usual was the chef, cooking up a hearty breakfast and boiling up a large batch of Shrimp, Crawfish, Potatoes, Corn, and Sausage for Dinner.  YUM!  Nearby, Darrell cooked up a batch of crab and frog legs.

The 2-cycle blender was used a lot, making a variety of Tequila and Vodka drinks.  There is nothing like a frozen Margarita on a hot day.

Jimbo.jpg (2636610 bytes)Jimbo... The OLD MAN OF THE SEA DualBackFlips.JPG (2448134 bytes)Dual Backflips off Darrell's Hardtop. campfire15.JPG (3149921 bytes)Mesmerized by the campfire.
Shark.jpg (2829573 bytes)Somebody had to feed the Great White Shark that was hanging around.  Not really... just having some fun with PaintShopPro! LoneChair.JPG (3250358 bytes)Okay, this is artsy, but the lights across the water at Ft. McRae were plentiful.  See the cinder streak that popped out of the fire? JanieChristine.JPG (2630024 bytes)Janie with her back to the camera and Christine with the beer take to the water for a float.
DSC_0904.JPG (2439921 bytes)Is this going to be a can-opener? TwoCycleMargarita.JPG (911787 bytes)Cam and Tiffany get ready to blend another pitcher of Beach Bums.  (Photo by Christine) JanieLaughing.JPG (2317049 bytes)Janie in the water... enjoying a liberal portion of adult beverages.  She wasn't the only one.
ChristinePutCameraDown.JPG (2608647 bytes)Christine is probably telling me to put that dadgum camera down! SueAndJanie.JPG (2713306 bytes)Sue and Janie intent on something behind the camera.  Zoom in on Sue's glasses and you might see what it is... CourtneyFireside.JPG (3038739 bytes)Courtney Sitting at the fire.  All night photos taken with a starlight filter... which produces the star effect on lights.