BigLLagoon.jpg (941204 bytes)
Looking west down the length of Big Lagoon.  Perdido Key high rises in the distance.
campsite.jpg (721211 bytes)Facing south toward the camp site.  Across the waterway, Fort McRae is hidden in the trees.
InterestingBoat2.jpg (881259 bytes)
This was an interesting boat to pull up to our island.  Note the bananas hanging from the rafters.
JimboSettingUp2.jpg (840317 bytes)

Jimbo Jolly attracted a crowd when starting to put up his tent.

lighthouse2.jpg (1026912 bytes)
This is a view to the north-east from the island.  The lighthouse is on Pensacola NAS.
NiceWaterColor2.jpg (855432 bytes)

The Bahamas have nothing on the color of Pensacola's water.

OurBoat1.jpg (778810 bytes)

Here is our 6-year old boat.  Deep water is right up to the shore at this island.

SunsetBest2.jpg (526672 bytes)

Sunset over the island.

Tailgator.jpg (468919 bytes)
The Margarita blender was brought out after dark.  Note the green gas-powered blender
tentRow2.jpg (711380 bytes)

Tent row at the campsite.

TheBluff2.jpg (1115999 bytes)
Looking at the south side of our island.  This place was lined up with boats and campers on the next day.
thecamp2.jpg (1041354 bytes)
There are about 50 boats within this pic.  Our campsite is in the middle.
viewFromShade.jpg (802111 bytes)

A look from under our EZ Up.  This was a popular place.
Carl-Eric.JPG (716705 bytes)

Carl Blum at right and Eric Ericson at left.  Photo by Christine Ericson

AtTheShore.JPG (297690 bytes)

The shoreline was a popular place.  Photo by Christine Ericson

Tom-JimboJolly.JPG (302596 bytes)

Tommy Jolly at right and Jimbo Jolly at left.  Photo by Christine Ericson