Blue Angels at Pensacola Beach, July 15, 2006
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My wife and I motored out to Pensacola Beach in Liquorish with Gail, my sister, my mother, and a friend Lois.  We watched the Blues, then grilled some steaks on the grill while hundreds of boats left in their mad dash to wherever they were going.  We were not going to get into that washbowl and just waited them out.

We anchored right off the beach near a home owned by Gail's friend Becky.  I wanted to get a picture of their house with the Blues.  That is why there are so many pictures of them up on their roof with a plane overhead.

I can supply better pictures upon request.

Becky1.JPG (81352 bytes)

Notice the people on top of Becky's house

Becky2.JPG (90548 bytes)

Becky's house 2

Formation.JPG (54072 bytes)

Blues in formation.

Becky3.JPG (80674 bytes)

Becky's house 3 (at lower right)

Becky4.JPG (101446 bytes)

Becky's house 4

Becky5.JPG (99742 bytes)

Becky's house 5

Becky7.JPG (95879 bytes)

Becky's house 6

Becky9.JPG (117108 bytes)

Becky's house 7

Blues1.JPG (80698 bytes)

Blues formation coming from the West

Blues2.JPG (52215 bytes)

Coming from the West, some Blues are upside down.

Blues3.JPG (38698 bytes)

One plane overhead

NearStall.JPG (31009 bytes)

Smoke just starting to come out.

Blues5.JPG (49948 bytes)
Having flown by the Casino area, they are getting ready to split apart.

Blues6.JPG (47482 bytes)

The Blues in formation with smoke on.

CloseEncounter.JPG (86466 bytes)
Centered over Casino Beach, two Blues head for one another then turn at last minute

DownLow.JPG (83511 bytes)
On the Down Low

Floating.JPG (95299 bytes)
Lois on a float after the show

HighSplit.JPG (44678 bytes)
The Blues do a vertical starburst on their high show

Gail2.JPG (61593 bytes)
Gail looking over the scene.

LetsMakeAFace.JPG (110264 bytes)
Crazy Lois making a face

LoisAtLadder.JPG (106807 bytes)
Lois getting out of the water

MomOnBoat.JPG (123088 bytes)

Mom didn't want to mess up her hair


OnTheBow.JPG (164588 bytes)
After the show, the gals enjoy the sun and the view from the foredeck of Liquorish

OverSabineIsland.JPG (91681 bytes)
The Blues are in formation over Sabine Island