Foley Balloon Races June 19, 2010
Early this day, ballooning was done in good weather.  This was the late afternoon and weather was threatening.  After 3 balloons were fully inflated, threatening weather forced them to deflate the balloons.  There was a mass exodus of the crowd to the parking lots when storm clouds approached and some lightning bolts flashed.

At this facility, there were probably 5-10 thousand people.  Multiple food and craft vendors were on the fairgrounds as well as a stage with live music.  We will be back.

Click on one of the thumbnails below for a larger picture that was optimized for the web.

smallerterry-rick-jimbo-janie&christine.jpg (220974 bytes)

Waiting for the balloons to be inflated.  From L-R: Terry & Rick Zelius, Jimbo & Janie Jolly, Christine Ericson

smallerChristineEricJanie&Jimbo.jpg (106018 bytes)

From L-R: Christine & Eric Ericson, Janie & Jimbo Jolly

smallerInflatingSomeMore.jpg (139492 bytes)

Balloon has been filled with air from a big fan, about to put some hot air into it from the burner.

smallerInjectinghotair.jpg (146161 bytes)

Balloon is being filled with hot air from the burner

smallerMoreHotAir.jpg (140264 bytes)

Another view of this balloon being filled with hot air

smallerMultipleBalloons.jpg (119055 bytes)

View from our seats.

smallerBackedOut.jpg (127969 bytes)

First Balloon to be filled.

smallerStarFlame.jpg (130657 bytes)

A Star flash from the flame for 2nd balloon to be filled.

smallerEric&Christine.jpg (146393 bytes)

Christine & Eric Ericson

smallerJanie&Christine.jpg (171942 bytes)

Janie Jolly & Christine Ericson